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Price range:
104 - €120

Welcome to the world of urban fashion with our incredible collection of women's sneakers from Exé Shoes!

The most sought after of the moment. Discover a perfect fusion between style and comfort with our sneakers designed for modern and active women. These sneakers will allow you to look fashionable while you move with confidence in your daily life.

When you buy Exé sneakers you are buying:

1. A Sporty Chic Style

Our collection of sneakers combines sporty style with chic and elegant details. From minimalist designs to more striking models, these sneakers are ideal for any occasion.

2. Comfort in Every Step

Comfort is essential in our sneakers. With cushioned insoles and flexible soles, your feet will enjoy maximum comfort no matter how much you walk.

3. Limitless Versatility

Sneakers are an essential basic in any wardrobe. Pair them with jeans, leggings, skirts or dresses to create casual and stylish looks.

4. Details that Make the Difference

Details like metallic appliqués, modern prints, statement laces and textured panels add a unique and attractive touch to our sneakers.

5. Trend Colors

Our collection features a wide range of on-trend colors so you can express your personal style. From neutral tones to vibrant colors, you'll always find the perfect pair to complete your look.

6. Sustainable Sneakers

Some models in our collection are made with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, so you can look good while taking care of the planet.

7. High Quality Designs

Our sneakers are made with high quality materials to guarantee their durability and resistance over time.

8. Sneakers for All Times

Whether for a walk through the city, a day in the park or for your sports activities, our sneakers are the perfect choice to keep you fashionable and comfortable at all times.


Immerse yourself in the world of urban fashion with our exclusive sneakers for women. Renew your style and explore the versatility and comfort offered by these essential shoes in your collection. Visit our store and discover how our sneakers will elevate your look with every ste

Discover the world of fashion with the new collection of sneakers from Exé Shoes! Immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of style and comfort with our cutting-edge designs and high-quality materials. From vibrant colors to stylish details, each pair is designed to highlight your individuality